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Individual Counseling 

Individual counseling is provided for those 12 years of age and older that need support, encouragement, skills, and guidance on this life journey. It is not uncommon to feel lost frustrated or overwhelmed to the point that you cannot enjoy life.   


Family Counseling 

In families you don't get to choose the hand you are dealt, you just have to adjust to it.  Family counseling can help parents, children, co-parents, and siblings communicate more effectively, listen and respond with empathy and compassion, bridge generation gaps and develop emotional intelligence. 


This time is full of changes for teens in terms of how they feel, think, and interact with others.  During this time the teen will develop their unique personality, opinions while gaining a better sense of who they are .  

I am here to help your adolescent navigate during this time


Couples and Parents Counseling 

Relationships can be tough. It requires specific skills to coordinate, cooperate, and communicate effectively with your partner. Acquiring this skill set will help couples grow the love necessary to maintain a healthy relationship and provide parents the ability to blend their parenting styles while managing the dimensions of the developmental levels. 

I am here to help you identify the sills needed to add to your parenting tool belt.


As a consultant I will work with your school or business to assess and identify challenges.  I will assist in developing solutions that are in line with your mission and vision.  Topics might include Schools-parental engagement, parent-child communication, consequences, boundaries, and expectations, Businesses-employee morale, personality assessments, cultural considerations, and restorative practices.


I am a Board-approved Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor if you are interested in me supervising you for your LPC Licensure, please contact me for an initial  interview, we will discuss your goals for supervision, your training, your theoretical orientation and the supervisory relationship. 

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